Saturday, 27 July 2013

Making a right dog's mess of it all...

Our not so white floor
When I say making a right dog's mess of it all, for once I am not referring to our dubious DIY skills. Instead, I mean when we we had another little furry friend come to stay. We started off being very good at always wiping his paws but what with the constant downpour and his insatiable desire to be let out to play, we eventually relaxed this routine, I guess any floor would be just as dirty but it shows up more on ours. Until they invent the hover dog, I think we may need to be a pooch free zone. It cleaned up easily enough though and my top tip for glistening floors is bicarbonate soda.
Well, hello again! Yes, we're back on the house renovations and its time to get serious and get this job done. There WILL be more updates to follow.

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