Monday, 29 April 2013

flood alert

Another day, another mishap seems to be the pattern at the moment. Sold our dishwasher but didn't seal up the old plumbing so this is what happened the first time the washing machine went on. Doh!!! Anyway, a lot of mopping up later, the damage to the floor seems to be minimal. Phew.

Another incident to report is Craig locking himself in the ensuite which resulted in him jumping naked from the window and shocking the neighbours. Only Craig! He ended up having to take the door off to fix the problem (actually its not fixed) and this has damaged the paintwork. Paintwork that's an off white colour and I don't have any more off it and can't remember what it was so will now probably have to paint ALL the woodwork again. Sigh. Needless to say, I'm not feeling the DIY love at the moment. My mojo is well and truly lost - hence the lack of posts - and Craig is distracted by the new pool table so equally uninterested in all the 'little' remaining jobs.

Hoping May will be more productive and we don't get too distracted with all the birthday, hen and wedding celebrations that await us. And even if we do, maybe I should just tell you about that instead...

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