Monday, 16 September 2013

Patching up...

Ashamed to say that the whole month of August came and went without a single blog post (I really do suck at this).  We have still been slogging away on the house of course.  I often wonder if we will we ever be finished but looks like they'll always be something to keep us busy - I guess a house doesn't keep itself. At work I always insist that applicants restoring a historic property always include a long term management and maintenance plan that is costed with schedules including allocating roles and responsibilities. I think we need one too as things will inevitably break, need repaired, refreshed or just go a bit wonky.  To illustrate my point we managed to finish the ensuite with the final task of repairing the damage caused by the door jamming, and just as we had the satisfying scoring it off the list sensation the loo started to leak. Back on the list it goes...Although it should never really of come off (in my humble opinion) because it needs a mirror and a toilet roll holder fitted. More importantly however is the fact that the blind is now fitted and we are no longer exposing ourselves to the neighbours - I bet their pleased.

Other works keeping us out of mischief include painting the porch, weeding, painting some skirting, mowing of the grass, painting some more skirting, chopping up another fallen tree, clearing out the garage, sweeping the paths, more weeding/grass cutting/hedge-trimming and not to forget endless cleaning of white floors. I still ask myself why? If only we could learn to float they'd be perfect!

Anyway none of these activities warrant a picture. In fact, as you'll have noticed, I don't really feel that they deserve much blogging about at all. So what can I show you? Well our good friends had a gorgeous little baby boy so I whipped up another little blanket. I also customized some onesies (only a small bit of plagiarism involved). Despite appearances they've not been attacked by a permanent marker but a fabric pen. Screenprinting would have created a much more professional result. Live and learn. Here's the pics...

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