Saturday, 9 March 2013

white and wood

Here's the hall as it currently stands - very light and bright. I'm hoping to make that back wall a feature wall with pattern/colour and also a big mirror (we have plenty). I like the contrast of the wood against the white and therefore hadn't planned to paint the door frames in the living room and hall. However, the husband's painting technique may dictate otherwise as I'm not sure I'll be able to get these emulsion marks off. I'll try. The doors in the hallway also give the desired effect so perhaps that'll be enough, along with our 'wooden' light shades. I don't think the glass doors will suit white however so may need to think of something else. We probably should replace them as they're not made of safety glass. Somehow, I think this is what Craig wants to do.

Lots still to do. The skirting need yet another coat in places and bits and pieces need tidied up. I should also say friends that are moving house kindly gave us their pool table. I love a game of pool but at the moment it sits, in pieces, in my hall and I'm not loving that. Husband thinks it's fine and its too heavy for me to move - or even him plus me. Next time there's an extra able bodied bloke in our house they'll be getting coerced into helping shift this somewhere more suitable. The ultimate plan is to convert the garage into a man cave but that needs a hell of a lot of work.

Here's a pic of our new rug - a wee cowhide number. I'm quite happy with it as it takes some of the harshness away and works well the retro table. The table, my gumtree find, still wobbles however.

Another new addition are the cushions Craig's Aunty made us. V. retro and blend in well!

And finally for today, perhaps the month, is a wee shot of how the kitchen is looking now. Still to be added are some shelves for my cornish-ware jars and we need to tile around the cooker. One day we'll get new windows but until then I need to decide what window treatment. I'd like a wooden blind but they're too expensive for that big window. Perhaps just a strip of funky material in a mock blind fashion (I know what I mean). Over and out for now. x

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