Thursday, 7 February 2013

Butts at the Butts

So my second update of 2013 and what do I have to tell you? The dining room and kitchen area are starting to take shape. That said, the kitchen units still have their plastic protective coats on, the sink unit is on the floor and the leaky tap is still just that.  Things are still looking a bit white, well migrane inducing white is probably how I'd describe it. The white paint tin is still out however as the skirtings are still being painted-such a laborious task. I had three blistered fingers last week just from caulking!

Will soon be jazzing up the walls with paintings, piccies, etc and we even made a start to this as you can see with our nudes. Very impressed with Adam's screenprint interpretation of a photo I took of Craig doing the Loonie-dook up at the Black Isle a few years ago. My pencil sketch I did for Craig's Christmas looks so amateur in comparison. In my defense, I drew it with a pencil from a cracker, similar to an Ikea pencil. I see I need to up my game!!
Looks so good someone actually thought it was a Banksy!
What a cracker!

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