Monday, 21 January 2013

 Welcome to snowy Kinross-shire! This photo is just a light dusting compared with whats going on outside now - inches upon inches has settled and it's also blowing a hoolie too. All the white outside is merging with all the white inside. Where does the house stop and the garden begin? It's all a bit too white quite frankly and we need to get some rugs down. I'm following Craig around with a mop at the minute...Can't jump the gun however as there's still painting to do.
The dining table, our 70's habitat gumtree find, is up however. It went up for New Years Day and has stayed put. I'm obviously not showing it off in the best light here, I should be photographing it fully set with the best china. But I don't have time for that.

The photograph below shows the kitchen before Christmas. It's moved on a bit since then; the floor is now done and the plinths are on. James, Craig's brother-in-law, has done a sterling job fitting it just in time for Craig (not so) surprise 40th birthday party. All went well...apart from the hob getting chipped. Not even used yet!

Three weeks on and the blue plastic is still enveloping it all leaving us eagerly anticipating the big reveal.  Unfortunately, just before finishing, we have a view snagging points. Most significantly, our handle-less kitchen from IKEA turns out to need handles! The current mechanism are not fit for purpose. So on to their customer services yet again and so they sent different ones - they're even worse! Another call later, they advise that they don't recommend the kitchen as we've got it. Err, say what?? That's how they sold it to us!! I'm now waiting for them to get back to me with a solution, which most likely involves handles (FFS). Another issue is that our new tap from B&Q leaks. Groan. Still need to tackle this one. In the meantime however, I don't want to take off its protective coat until all work is complete. So here's our blue kitchen.

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