Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Demolition Man

demolition man

So here's the man himself, proudly wielding his sledgehammer and admiring his handiwork. I am very impressed at how seemingly effortless Craig made this look. I went to B&Q and wall was in tact and came back to it being no more.  Just like that! If you look closely here you can see that Craig didn't even bother to remove the glass vases on the window sill. That's also his good jeans and boots he's wearing too.

Hmmm, best not to dwell on that...

The not so fun part is that we are currently without a kitchen. Instead we have a make shift operation in the front room (I should really take a picture of that too). We have a microwave, steamer, slow cooker and could always bbq (if it ever stops bloody raining)!

Despite all the rain, Loch Leven is looking lovely - I took this photo during a brief sunny interlude. This was me walking back from the wee shop in Kinneswood where I bought a loaf and 1/2 dozen eggs. Overpriced by quite a margin but I thought, oh well at least I'm supporting the local grocer. Once home discovered both items were out of date -eggs by almost 2 weeks! Ah the dramas of living in the countryside!

Loch Leven


  1. Wow! How very exciting. Go Craig! When will you be getting a new kitchen?

  2. Kitchen a good few weeks away yet Asta! Got to reinforce floor for stove (which weighs 290kg!), fit stove and chimney and add flooring.

    Any good microwave or slow cooker recipes appreciated!

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    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?