Sunday, 15 April 2012

kitchen porn

So you must all be wondering what is happening at the Butts? (that's our house name for those of you who've forgot - I know it's been a while but like you could forget that!) You are probably imagining that everything is now complete and the Dunns are smugly sitting in their perfectly polished house too busy admiring its shiny wonderfulness to be bothered to blog. Well, hah, if only, is the answer to that.

I guess I need to get in to a better habit of updating this blog as the whole point of it is to record our progress, the highs and the pitfalls of this Do-It-Yourself game. A tedious long winded game I might add. And recently we've been down more snakes than up ladders. And, we've been up a hell of a lot of ladders.

So, what have we been up to that's not to photograph and share with you lovely people? We've been dealing with a lot of shit, that's what. Can I say shit? Yes, I think so and my mum's not reading this anyway. In fact, probably no one is... Apart from you, my dear friend.

It has been problem after problem, expense after expense since the bells rang in 2012 thus putting a swift halt to the decorating. Firstly, as you know, the trees and fence came down, then a sewage pipe burst (nice, and yes that's the shit I refer to), also we had the leaky roof and then we had solar panels fitted to then discover that the house is not earthed so we can't turn the blasted things on. Needless to say, fixing all of that costs a lot of money but with not a lot to show for itself. Pfffff.

Gardening, gardening, gardening has been the main source of entertainment however as clearing up costs nothing. The trees are finally disposed off (thanks again to those who helped) and we now have enough wood to see us through next winter (yay, a positive!). The grass has had its first haircut of the year and we've started a veggie plot as well as growing things in the greenhouse. My fingers are actually green. Must buy gloves.

Before we can make any progress inside, we need to get the heating installed. Going to go for underfloor heating which I like the sound of as its nice not having ugly radiators. You'd think that this would be a simple process but we seem to be struggling to get anyone to actually do the work for us, for a fair price anyway.

Our next big task is to get the extra wiring done that we need for the solar panels. Craig says we need to dig a trench. That sounds quite hard, think I'll just dream about getting a nice new kitchen instead. Ah kitchen porn, that never fails to cheer a girl up!

Mmmmmm. Delicious.

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