Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Blog progess 0, house progress 1

I am a bad blogger, I am a bad blogger, I am a bad blogger... (repeat 100 times). Although the blog has been neglected of late, please be rest assured that work does continue on the house.  Small jobs have been undertaken: starting to tile the bathroom then, ahem, untiling the bathroom (Master tiler Craig unhappy with his workmanship).  Another room painted, the mighty curtains made -coming in at nine metres wide and two and half metres tall, more wardrobe doors have received a fresh lick of paint with new handles added and shiny brushed steel sockets fitted. 

The biggest excitement has been the fitting of solar panels and then discovering that the house isn't even earthed. Until this problem is fixed these panels are currently blooming expensive roof adornments. The greenhouse has had a good scrub and things are even starting to grow - fast growing lettuce really is fast growing!! More work has taken place in the garden since the weather's been fairly mild recently. Craig has a new toy, a chainsaw, and has been hacking away at the overgrown bushes to create an opening for his veggie plot and potatoes and carrots have been planted. I've tried my hand at topiary and reshaped the hedges (as one does). Despite receiving a lot of help clearing up storm damage, that is still ongoing*groan*. Alas all this means is that no job is fully complete and we can't provide you with any big reveal, no 'changing room' makeovers for you (or us) to enjoy. Instead hopefully these little snippets of images will show that we are still scoring off the 'to do list' at pace.
these curtains are a patchwork of 3 curtains

we have doggy visitors and you can see their paw prints on the white floor here

nearly complete

a sneak peak at the master bedroom


  1. It looks like my room is almost ready. Good work.

    1. Thanks for still checking in! So many rooms are nearly there....just need the damn heating in!