Wednesday, 21 December 2011

From drab to fab, our calming coastal inspired bedroom


after: coastal inspired bedroom

First job here was to replace the defective window with help from Craig's brother in law, a joiner (, so here's a big up to James whose services we hope to use again in the near future (please!). We then ripped out the wardrobes - sorry Caroline and other fans of the built in 70's wardrobe but there's another set we may keep - we also need to accommodate our own that I spent ages sanding down and painting when in our old flat and can't let this hard toil go wasted.  I hope you'll all however agree that the textured zig zags and woodchip wallpaper also had to go? 

Next up was to line the walls and the lining paper we got from Homebase. This simply involved pasting the wall - quicker and less messy than the pasting table approach where everything but the walls ended up covered in paste. I'm a big believer of 'waste not, want not' so, with this in mind, I went for a good ol' rummage around in the garage for some old paint to reuse. Good old Dulux came up trumps with 'before the snow'(I think but painted over the label so not too sure) and mineral mist Once for the feature wall which I used every drop off. Once, hah! The curtain pole and curtains are from B&Q - my old curtains aren't wide enough for these windows but I have a cunning plan for them which you'll see later if you stay tuned. To finish off the look and keep in with the coastal inspired colours, I've hung up a couple pictures of the Isle of Tiree (where I grew up). Still needs a carpet and I need to edit down some of the furniture once other rooms are done, but I'm quite happy as its now a calm oasis away from the craziness of the rest of the house.... and relax!

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