Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Deer goodness!

Lately I've started collecting images via pininterest (http://pinterest.com/audunn/house-inspiration/)  enabling me to store interior design ideas and inspiration. On sitting back and perusing these delights I suddenly realise a common theme - deer. Perhaps a result of me finally seeing deer in the fields nearby to our house? I was beginning to think that people were winding me up when visiting and commenting on all the deer they'd seen on the drive here as I'd been doing the route for six months and not seen a (venison) sausage.  Then, a wee winter morning's stroll in the woods and I stumble across not one but two deer happily skipping away with their little fluffy white bottoms bobbing off into the distance. So I'm smugly happy now that I'm at last one of the gang, a fully fledged member of the exclusive 'I've seen a deer' club or at least relieved that people have not been winding me up. Anyway, it looks as if this has inspired my interior design choices as my piccies are full of deer/stag imagery of 'must haves' for the home (I've also recently noticed that I have amassed lots of elephant themed 'stuff' over the years). The deer fetish has even influenced my christmas paper buying. So, for your sheer joy and amusement, here are some of my deer little indulgences, none of which I own. Yet.

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