Sunday, 25 November 2012

Busy, busy, busy!!

As the title of this post suggest, it's been a busy week.

Last weekend we gathered some man power and the cooker is now in situe. Our plumber is currently in the process of connecting up our heating and we have near to hot water at the moment which is very exciting. Thankfully the moving of the cooker was uneventful but the process still has its dramas. The latest being that the reinforced concrete floor is not in the right position. (it was by our measurements but once seeing it in there, we've decided it needs to be a bit more to the left). Also, our loft hatch has been enlarged (read hacked to pieces) so to fit the accumulator  - it was ordered to size and made to size...excluding the insulation! doh!

Other excitement -our kitchen got delivered! This did not go without incident as this picture of our wall proves:
Typically, this was the side of wall that wasn't looking too bad. I did feel sorry for the lorry driver however as it was his first day on the job. Whoops! We did have a bit off a faff waiting for IKEA to sort this out for us and it's looking like the job won't get done til after Christmas now.

That aside, other works have been going well. Ceilings plastered and walls painted. Three bedrooms have now been carpeted. This means our middle room is also finished and and AND we've finally moved in to the master bedroom.

Here's the finished result of the latest bedroom. This colour scheme uses up spare paint we had from our old place (the hall at North Fort St). The cushions (a charity shop find - £2.50 for the pair), add a bit of colour to it and takes away from the 'beige-ness'. I nearly painted the stripes red too but decided (was told) that might be a step too far. Actually, I initially planned to put up retro wallpaper but as we're on a tight budget, decided to stick with paint. The creation of the stripes was a bit labour intensive but I think it was the right move as the end result is quite a calm bedroom; and bedrooms should be calm places.


  1. The room is looking good. Maybe I can stay in there next time?

    1. I think it's about time you tried out that room...